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Leonardo vieira


Vice President and Co-Founder of Furst Life Group and right hand of founder Maria Teresa Furst, Leonardo Vieira became a successful businessman, who used his resilience and belief in his life goals to conquer his place in the business world with wisdom and dedication. Always following his ideal of life, along with the support of the educational and philosophical steps of his former mentor and now FLG member, María Teresa, Leonardo demonstrated that “one becomes what he wants and believes he is.”


Leonardo was born in a small town in Paraíba, Tavares, and saw his professional life change after starting his mentoring sessions in Brazil with Life Coach Maria Teresa. From that moment on, he began to overcome the barriers of social inequalities and revolutionize his life story of many struggles and difficulties for a professional life that he always wanted.

As a child, Leonardo, together with his parents and siblings, left his homeland at just three years old for Rio de Janeiro. Being of humble origins, his parents first ventured to São Paulo and then settled in the “wonderful city ”. in search of better living conditions for themselves and their children.


Leonardo, even with difficulties, living with his parents in a community in Rio, managed to finish his high school and always chose to value study above all else. He graduated from public school and, still in his teens, worked as a bricklayer’s helper on construction sites and other businesses.


During this period, Léo, affectionate nickname, ventured to follow the old dream of trying to become a professional in soccer, but family obligations and other priorities put his old passion to sleep.


Still young, at the age of 20, Leonardo formed his own family. Léo continued to work hard in the factories as a general helper and as a supermarket delivery boy.Until the pandemic arrived in 2020, the unemployment and shortly after an unusual proposal from a great friend: “Dream and explore the potential for professional change in your life, putting into practice all that potential that you had within yourself, and start to working in a new company that was born in New York, would open its headquarters in Brazil”. That friend was María Teresa Furst, who was traveling to the city of Rio de Janeiro in January 2021. Without a doubt, Leonardo embarked on this adventure of life change, resilience and fight for a professional life that today, in the year 2023 It has changed your life forever.


Today, Vice President, Certified Life Coach, certified in several courses in the administrative area, psychology university student and English student at FLG, Leonardo not only wore the Furst Life jersey, but is real proof that the power of change and victory is in our hands.